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The mustard greens are a kind of tiller mustard vegetable, which leaf is green, long, thin and with sawtooth. It has many tilters and high output under sufficient conditions. It is suitable for pickle. There are good flavors after pickling. Its unique faint scent, particular crisp, full of microelements of iron, zinc, selenium and so on, are of very high social and economic value, which is deeply loved by the mass of customers. But pickled mustard greens bring trouble to transportation, direct edibility, therefore industrialized production is limited. In this article, researches are done on process technology of pickled potherb mustard in soft package in order to provide convenience for the masses of consumers and take the purpose of facilitate transport and benefit industrialization.
1. Experimental material and equipments
1.1 Raw material: potherb mustard—choose non-pollution, fresh and tender, purchase raw material on market directly.
1.2 Raw material and supplement material: edible salt, sugar, sourness agent and so on should accord with state standard of quality and sanitation.
1.3 Package material: NY/A1/PE, PET/CPP, compound thin membrane bag in 100 g, which accord with state standard of quality and sanitation.
1.4 Equipments: cutting machine, presser, vacuum device, vacuum envelope machine.
2. Experiment method
2.1 Technology flow
2.2 Operation points
2.2.1 Raw material checking and clearing up: choose non-pollution, fresh and tender potherb mustard as raw material. Get rid of drooped leaves, weed and a spot of mud.
2.2.2 Pickle: 15%0% of the salt pickles one month with raw materials amount. A layer of mustard greens and a layer of salt when being salted, one layer of debulk; Turning over the jar once every day first week, its purpose is pickling evenly , no heat will arise; Compress tightly with the blue and green stone one week later. Can sneak into 0.1% calcium chloride at adding salt , can improve fragile degree of product obviously, reason its to utilize calcium ion and pectin sour function in the mustard greens , form gel pectin sour calcium, protect cells and glue and form cells, and play a role in protecting fragily
2.2.3 Desalination: Adopt hierarchical desalination , pickle heavy heads of mustard greens after adopt and soak and wash the law desalination; It is small a head of mustard greens wash the desalination directly. Wash net silt particle and other incidentals at the time of the desalination, keep the content of salt in 5%~6%.
2.2.4 Root segmentation: Go root purpose to get rid of inclusive silt particle and can't eat part. Segmentation adopts the artificial or mechanical law, hierarchical segmentation: Pickle mustard greens heavy heads of stem cut 4mm to be long , small heads of dish cut 50mm to be long , wide leaf Hong cuts 10* 5m㎡ on learning.
2.2.5 Press and dehydrate : Press and get rid of some water, do benefit to flavouring the infiltration of the liquid . Require after dehydrating the moisture is under 70%.
2.2.6 The vacuum is tasty: Flavour liquid is it is it dehydrate mustard greens after to press , flavour consumption of liquid for 50% , raw materials of quantity after pressing to admix; Then smoke vacuum, purpose to accelerate ripe, is it flavour liquid permeate through the cell interval under the low-voltage terms to make; Vacuity ≥ 600mmHg post, finds time time to press slightly after about , tasty 30 minutes.
Flavour the liquid to compound : Is it make certain time to boil spices and licorice root in proportion , pull out material dreg add white sugar , refined salt , acid , gourmet powder ,etc., is it flavour the liquid to filter after melting.
2.2.7 Put bag and seal: Put and take the place of net content ≥100 grams. It is hot to seal the vacuity on the hot 450mmHg post range of 650mmHg , seal automatically.
2.2.8 Disinfect : 5 ' 5 30 ' / 85 ℃, then cool to 37 ℃ rapidly.
2.3 The sense judging
Utilize the sense organ to evaluate color , flavor , fragile degree of every sample , is chosen as 1 fen, 1 fen expresses extremely that does not welcome , 4 fen expresses that in line, 8 fen is expressed and liked very much. Then count , ask for the average .
3. Quality level
3.1 Sense organ index
Yellowish green small even cubic solid, it is crisp and tender to organize , there is no coarse fibre, there is no impurity; Is it pickle mustard greens peculiar fragrance and flavor to have , there is no peculiar smell .
3.2 Physiochemical index
Net Content: ≥100克
Salt Content: 4%~5%
Sugar Content: 3%~4%
PH Value: 4~4.3
Arsenic: ≤0.5 mg/kg.
Lead: ≤1.0 mg/kg
3.3 Microbe Index
Colibacillus: ≤30个/100 g
Disease germ: non
4. Result Analysis
4.1 Different impacts on mustard greens quality of the soft-packing of sterilization condition Seeing forms 1 finally, atmospheric pressure sterilization temperature was the lower its quality was relative good ; It has corruption that rise one bag of phenomena while preserving that 75 ℃ disinfects for 40 minutes, it is uneconomical to extend sterilization time, so have priority to select 85 ℃for use and disinfect for 30 minutes.
4.2 Different impacts on mustard greens quality of the soft-packing of wrappings Seeing forms 2 finally, under the same sterilization condition, a bag of packaging mustard greens of NY/A1/PE broke one bag of rates while disinfecting and was slightly higher than PET/CPP by one bag of a percentage points, and the business accounting indicates that very little to losses which the factory causes directly, but a bag of packaging mustard greens of PET/CPP influence quality of the products in preserving certain time; So have priority to select NY/A1/PE complex wrapping bag for use.
4.3 Use HL - -2 mixes and protects the impact on mustard greens quality of the soft-packing of green pharmaceutical Saw forms 3 finally, HL - -2 mix not protecting because there aren't pharmaceutical not green, must pickling there aren't mustard greens; The result shows : Use HL - -2 type is it protect green color better pharmaceutical to mix, approach getting green, but fragile degree, the flavor is slightly bad, the result is unsatisfactory.
4.4 Products and domestic city that research make this sell only 3 like product make and compare See result in table 4, soft-packing between mustard greens and city that research make this sell like product compare with, color is it is it watch from sense unanimous to come to judge, flavor and fragile degrees of respect superior to domestic city sell at product.

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