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    Potherb Mustard (for short Mustard Greens) belongs to Cruciferae colewort, mustard herb plant, a variation of mustard greens (tiltering mustard). Potherb mustard is a traditional specialty of Ningbo City.
    Potherb mustard plantation and pickling in Qiugai Town, Yinzhou District has a history of more than 1,000 years, while according to historical science record, times can also trace back to further. Wang Pin in Qing Dynasty wrote in “Massive record according to history department, “wide beautiful and fragrant flowers table ": "Sichuan have dish, famous mustard greens, deep potherb mustard freeze and decrease, this potherb mustard is blue and green alone . "The salted vegetables that the snow and vegetables pickle have the following characteristic : First, the color and luster is yellow and on, fragrant and delicious; Second , there is not hard stem clearly and melodiously; No matter fry , boil , steam , mix , make batching , all delicious and suitable for reading stock, so have laudatory title of " Qiugai pass salty chicken ", make fish, at the greasy kind of cooked food, salted vegetables indispensable batching, if " salted vegetables yellow croaker ",, " salted vegetables juice stewed black carp" the local famous dish in Ningbo; Fourth, little acid of it can is it whet the appetite to promote the production of body fluid, in hot heat, the salty jardiniere soup is the homely stock , Ningbo people like extremely, so as follows, saying that " does not eat the salty jardiniere soup for three days , the foot bone feels sour and tearful "; Agricultural and incomplete. Snow dish prevent and cure except rice shoot issue aphid 1-2 times seldom take to use medicine when planting.
     Since 1993,the market is very shallow because the salted vegetables pickled quality because of transportation, local market is a main fact that being extremely narrow, market only sell in Ningbo. So cultivated area is less than 333.333 hectares. From the 1993, because of potherb mustard precise setting up of processing enterprise, potherb mustard market , dish of industry cover and expand rapidly, cultivated area increased thereupon too, in 2001, the whole district planted the area of potherb mustard 1333.333 hectares (the enterprise base was up to 800 hectares among them), gross output fresh dish 60,000, pickle salted vegetables raw materials 42,500 of products, develop delicious potherb mustard, potherb mustard stock ,etc. many kinds of processing products, potherb mustard and silk of bamboo shoot already, produced and processed the potherb mustard and 25,200 tons of vegetables in 2001, the total supply and demand exceeds 80 million yuan, finish machining products are besides selling to such domestic large and medium cities as Hangzhou , Shanghai , Beijing , Guangzhou , Urumchi ,etc., still find a good sale in Hong Kong and Macao , Australia , U.S.A. and other places. Ningbo city happy honour food Co., Ltd. potherb mustard serial products have high popularity very at market; it is leading enterprises of the east district of river.
    In recent years, Yinzhou District tries to expand the scale of potherb mustard and the quality level of products. In 1999, it implemented Qiugai potherb mustard produce technical specification (DB330227/T10-1999 ) and potherb mustard environment-friendly production technology operate the norm to make successively since 1999, popularize production for standardization in a more cost-effective manner. Regard green products as the goal and begin from source, promote potherb mustard product quality conscientiously. Meanwhile, for improve potherb mustard industry scientific and technological content, set up non-governmental district potherb mustard, state of Yin, develop the research center already 2000, over the past two years, the research center has introduced 66 local varieties from 7 provinces and cities in the whole country, set up the potherb mustard assortment resource garden, seed selection appear one (name temporarily ) such as potherb mustard such as Yin already from it, 5 suitable for good disease-resistant improved variety that district plant, Yin District, thus changed the situation that nobody studies the snow dish improved variety for a long time. Develop crossbreeding with resource for material by garden kinds of quality at the same time, is it launch potherb mustard viruses take place law and prevent and cure technological research, potherb mustard finish machining product development subject to set about, this traditional industry has already begun to graft the potherb mustard with modernized science and technology, the prospect is good.

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